Interrupter Switch :
  Outdoor Distribution (14.4KV through 25KV)


  • J&W Interrupter Switches rated 600 amperes continuous and live switching provide three-pole and single-pole no-external-arc circuit interruption for overhead distribution feeders and outdoor distribution substations. They are specially designed for these live-switching duties.

    - Line switching :  load splitting (parallel or loop switching). load dropping... and associated charging currents
    - Transformer switching : load current... and associated magnetizing currents
    - Cable switching : load splitting (parallel or loop switching). load dropping... and associated charging currents.

  • j&W interrupter switches featuring preengineered  and preassembled mounting configurations. with necessary electrical clearances built in, to provide not only the ultimate in installation simplicity, but also the most economical match to either new or old overhead distribution-feeder line configurations : vertical mounting on a horizontal cross arm

  • J&W Interrupter Switches on Overhead Distribution Feeders
    J&W Interrupter Switches-which feature no external-arc interrupting performance have the full 600A mp live-switching capabilities that are of utmost importance in providing the necessary sectionalizing of today's overhead distribution feeders. Increasingly greater load densities have led to higher operating voltages. resulting in more load per mile of line, longer lines. and more laterals and branches... and in more fault-induces outages and line damage.
    Where simultaneous three-phase switching is required-for example. to avoid single-phasing where improper operation of ground relays will result-or where switch operation at or near ground level is practiced-ant of the three-pole side-break interrupter switches is ideal.
    J&W interrupter Switches have simplified interface drive mechanisms. supports, and mounting arrangements with unique features that provide unqualified operating characteristics at a price compatible with distribution-system economics

Construction and operation

  • Construction :
    Contact is silver/silver-nickel alloy and the base is of 5m/m galvanized steel, formed channel construction. To provide corrosion resistance and smooth operation bronze sleeved journals (cold-formed over the galvanized-steel rotating-insulator supports) rotate in bronze sleeves in the bearing housing.
    This style features a vertical operating shaft and operating handle assembly especially designed to provide good operating characteristics at a price compatible with distribution-system economics. The connectors can be manipulated by hot-line tools

  • Operation :
    Operation is simple and straight-forward. The interrupter is powered directly by the opening or closing movement of the blade. Springs are not relied on for contact separation, but are used solely as positive open-closed detention devices. High-speed travel of the interrupter contact is provided. instead, by a speed-multiplying straight-line linkage within the interrupter. Also, for any given position of the interrupter contact so that the external gap between the line side and load side of the switch always exceeds the gap within the interrupter at the time of circuit interruption

Interrupting unit :

  • J&W Interrupter Switches : rated 14.4KV through 25KV are equipped with an interrupting units cast bronze housing
    The interrupting unit provides complete circuit interruption without external arc of flame. No oil or vacuum is used. The arc is extinguished. internally by the deionizing gases generated by thermal action of the arc on special trailer and liner material formulations.


Insulators Rating Net Wt
Per Pole
kV Amperes
Nom. Max
Dry Wet BIL Cont Short Time
Post type
TR-208 25.8 27 70 60 150 600 25,000 62,500 55

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