Reliance Corp. was established in 2002, being based on mutual reliant relationship between suppliers and buyers in the fields of every electric and telecommunications products all over the world. Reliance Corp. manufactures including to transfer technical know-how of non-memory chips, fuses, transformers, CT&PT and switches, etc. and handles mainly the items of ACSR, AAR, COPPER TEL. CABLE, CABLE JOINTS, COPPER & AL.ROD, POLYMER INSULATORS. TRANSFORMERS. CT&PT. AUTO RECLOSER. SF6 GAS SWITCHES, FUSE CUT-OUTS, ARRESTER AND VCB etc.

Reliance Corp. is active in manufacturing and intermediating every electrical products directly or indirectly all over the world ; AUSTRALIA, TAIWAN, INDONESIA, IRAN, SAUDI ARABIA, SUDAN, ZIMBABWE, U.K, KENYA, NIGERIA, VIETNAM, BANGLADESH, MALAYSIA, THAILAND, etc.

Reliance Corp. is ready to help you to purchase, sell, trade and intermediate every electrical products at any time.

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XLPE insulated power cable for voltage up to 35KV

Al conductor steel reinforced (ACSR)

Cable Joints (20KV~35KV)

Long rod suspension composite insulators

Auto recloser

GAS load Break switch

Lightening Arrester

CUT-OUT Switch

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