Arrester :
  Heat-melt & heat-explosion disconnector

Principle :

The disconnector is a device used to prevent zinc oxide lightning arrester automatically from earth-line arrester and stop the running of zinc oxide lightning arrester under condition and prevent explosion. Its main parameters are according is GB11032-2000 national standard. Heat-melt disconnector is with heat-melt structure, and it is designed in accordance with the decay power frequency current of zinc oxide lightning arrester. This device transforms the high current which flows throung(5-20A power frequency continuous current) into heat energy to make MOA disconnect from running quickly under failure condition. Heat-explosion disconnector mainly contains energy element. combustion arc device and protecting element are put in a sealed. Once the attester is damaged when running under abnormal condition, the combustion arc will arising in disconnector and the energy element will be heated and burnt so that the sealed container will explode and droop automatically.

Wire connection requirement :

Disconnector has two connectors, one terminal connected to the lower end of MOA, another terminal connected to earth with soft lead, the min. length of earth lead con not be less than 300mm and its sectional area is 16.

Heat-explosion type (for export specially)

Heat-melt type


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